Personal Toolkit of Wellbeing Skills

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Being a friend to yourself

Love others as you love yourself

It can be so easy to want to please others and see the value in making others happy that it is a common experience for people to devalue themselves. Whilst it is important to be able to see the value of others and not be self-centred, it is equally important that we really value and love ourselves if we are going to have a secure base to build relationships with others.

Exercise: Many people find it difficult to see their own value and worth. Take your note pad and write down 3 things that are fantastic about yourself. Try to focus on who you are and not just what you do. Repeat daily!

Having good friendships with others

Realistic expectations

Friendships are full of ups and downs; the best relationships are not without incident, but use difficult experiences to deepen the quality of the relationship. It's a common experience to expect to much of others or ourselves, and when we do, the effects can be disastrous. We need to be able to challenge but also accept the frailties and failures of ourselves and others and use the experiences to build our relationships.

Exercise: Take 2 minutes to reflect on what your expectations are of one person you are close to. How realistic are these expectations? Try repeating this exercise with other relationships.

Developing good domestic partnerships

Sharing life as partners

I love the tern partner; there is something very equal and relational about the term. Good relationships are built on this idea of partnership. Sharing lives together and working together to build a joint shared world. This doesn't mean losing your individuality, but developing an interdependence which supports the development of each of your unique personalities. Good partnerships encourage the development of your unique features whilst providing the support to help one another with their weaker aspects.

Exercise: Take two minutes to reflect on what makes your partner unique. What can you do to support the development of this?

Additional Resources

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