Personal Toolkit of Wellbeing Skills

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Setting a course for your life direction

Where are you heading?

'If you don't have a destination in life, you'll never reach it'. When you view life as a journey you can enjoy the experiences along the way for the fleeting moments they are. However, without any overall idea of where you are heading, it can be difficult to keep your experiences in perspective.

Exercise: Just set aside two minutes to do this exercise in the first place but then return to it throughout the week as you continue to think about the questions, updating and adding to your responses. Take a note pad or diary and record your initial answers to the following questions:
 - What are the things that I really enjoy in life? What makes me get out of bed in the morning?
 - What are my values? What are the things that really impact my behaviour and ideals?
 - What are the things that I enjoy doing which help me express my values?
 - How could I do more of these things?
Remember, as part of a journey these things will change and grow; they are dynamic, not static, so it is important to continually review your life course.

Keeping on course with your decision making

The mini retreat

Some people have the opportunity to take time out from life to refresh and review where they are heading. Mot of us do not have the resources to do this for any sustained period of time so it is important that we allow ourselves to enjoy something of a 'mini retreat'.

Exercise: Make yourself a cup of tea and find a quite place, perhaps somewhere outside where you can just feel the world passing by. Look back over the notes you made from the previous exercise. How do you feel you are progressing? Are there any changes you'd like to make? Take the time to review but also to dream. What is stopping you from moving forward and is it good or unhelpful? What is helping you to move forward and is it sustainable or temporary? Repeat this exercise once per month and record the difference it makes.

Finding moments of peace when life is hectic

Mindful moments

Whether you are on the bus, at work, at home, or anywhere, we all experience times when we feel torn between a multitude of tasks and overwhelmed by all that is going on around us. This simple mindful meditation is designed to be used anywhere to just return your focus to the moment and find some instant peace.

Exercise: If you feel comfortable, and it is safe, close your eyes, otherwise just focus on a point where nothing is happening such as a wall or the floor. Now focus your attention on your breathing, feel the warmth of the air on the tip of your nose as you breather out and the coolness of the air as you breath in. As your mind begins to drift just return your focus to your breathing. If you are in a noisy environment try just listening to one noise, not attempting to make any sense of it, or understand it in anyway, but just appreciating it as a noise.

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